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Services for Apartment Communities


Just Some of What We Offer Our Multi-Family Housing Clients:

  • Evictions - Non-Payment of Rent, Non-Renewals & Violations
  • Free Phone and Office Consultations
  • Review of Documents and Correspondence
  • Communications With Attorneys and Insurance Companies
  • Free 7 Day Notice Wording Service
  • Toll-Free Fax and Phone Numbers
  • Security Deposit Dispute Assistance
  • Preparation of Releases and Agreements
  • Vendor Dispute Assistance
  • Early Intervention In Problems and Disputes
  • Letters To Tenants
  • Full Assistance With Day-to-Day Legal Issues
  • Assistance Through Email
  • 3 Attorneys and 23 Full-Time Staff Members
  • Our Firm Does Not Prepare Leases For Apartment Communities But Will Review Clauses and Assist With Addenda.


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