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The Property Management Academy is in full swing this year, with over 400 students attending classes in 19 different Florida locations to obtain their national PRM (Professional Residential Manager) designation. If you manage single family homes, duplexes and triplexes, these classes are a must.

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At the current rate of regulation, it will soon become nearly impossible for a condo unit owner to rent out the unit to a tenant. Outrageous and possibly illegal and discriminatory rules and regulations created by associations meant to thwart rentals in condos are causing serious problems for property managers and unit owners.

Click here to see what is happening and what you can do.

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Have you ever been surprised that the pet listed on the application does not seem to resemble the one in the apartment? This common occurrence results in disputes over breed, size or weight.  These problems usually can be easily avoided by requiring that the pet be viewed by the property manager PRIOR to acceptance. Failure to check out the pet in the beginning could result in you having authorized a pet you had never intended. 

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BAD SECURITY DEPOSIT HABITS  by Cathy Lucrezi, Attorney at Law

Everybody knows about security deposits, right?  You’ve been handling them for so long, you could do them in your sleep. Nothing new to learn.  Yikes – Sounds like a situation ripe for a crisis.  Although you learned the basics when you started your career, bad habits may have crept into your repertoire.  Here are a few to eliminate.

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You found the tenant for a landlord who thinks that he can manage the property from 1500 miles away. You get a call from him asking if you can serve a notice for him or check on the property. How far should you go?

Click here to see how a favor can cause liability.

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SELFSTORAGELEGAL.COM - Protecting Yourself Against Liability When Having New Doors Installed

You have an older storage facility and have to replace approximately fifty roll up doors.  You are fortunate that you are 100% full, but have been told that when replacing the doors, the installers will need to be in the units and have approximately three feet of clearance inside the unit.  This means you will have to open the tenants’ units and potentially move some of their stored property out.  Is there anything you can do to protect yourself against liability?

Click here to read Self Storage Law expert attorney Jeffrey Greenberger’s article “Protecting Yourself Against Liability When Having New Doors Installed.

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COMMERCIAL LAW AND YOU - Options To Purchase And First Right of Refusal

Occasionally, the Landlord and Tenant, as part of the lease negotiations, agree to an Option to Purchase or First Right of Refusal as to the leased premises.  There is a distinction between these two commercial rights, and the drafting of the clauses may depend upon whom you represent. Careful drafting is necessary to accomplish the goals of the parties and prevent ambiguity and confusion when a lot may be at stake.

Click here for the article Options to Purchase and First Right of Refusal by attorney Kevin Jursinski .

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THE FAIR HOUSING CORNER - HOUSEKEEPING PROBLEMS”                                           By Cathy L. Lucrezi, Attorney at Law

Cleaning house is a chore.  For a disabled person, it may be a much greater challenge.  How the landlord deals with the situation of an unsanitary unit can be complicated if the tenant is disabled?

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PMA Update

No More Rentals in  Condos?

Pet Problem Avoidance

Bad Sec. Deposit Habits

Doing Favors for Landlords

Self-Storage Units

Commercial Law and You

Fair Housing Corner


Legal Holiday Alert

Don't forget to exclude this Legal Holiday when preparing your Three Day Notices in October 2007!

8 - Columbus Day

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