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Do you allow gas grills on the premises? Do you have tenants with prohibited gas grills? Have you just been letting the tenants slide? Recently one of our clients experienced a large explosion on the premises with serious injuries due to a gas grill. Cut your liability now, and take action!

Click here  for some steps you can and should take regarding Gas Grills.

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You thought the tenant had vacated the premises, and you sent the painter in. Three days later the tenant comes to your office stating that he was in the process of moving, was away for a few days, came back to pick up the rest of his belongings, and now they are gone. You realize that a mistake was made by your company, and now the tenant is angry and wants money. What is the best way to handle the many, honest mistakes that a property manager will make?

Click here  to see how to handle the “Honest Mistake”

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In the process of dealing with lease violation situations, our office is often sent form “Lease Violation Notices” which property management companies have created for nationwide use, or notices created for and used by courtesy officers. These notices often do a fine job of describing the violation, BUT unless these notices or forms are in fact statutorily sufficient Seven Day Notices to Cure or Seven Day Notices to Terminate, the entire notice process may have to begin again from scratch. Please only use the proper forms provided for you by your attorney or downloaded from our website at

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Every month companies advertising evictions, divorces, wills and bankruptcies “with no lawyer” pop up in newspapers, websites and storefronts. These services are legal, if and only if the company simply “fills out the Supreme Court Approved forms” for you and does not render any legal advice whatsoever. Ironically, many charge more than what an attorney will charge! Don’t fall for their gimmicks. If you are going to use “fill in the blank forms”, you can just as well get them from the courthouse, fill them out yourself, and pay nothing. If you use one of these companies and have a problem, you will have to hire a lawyer. Don’t call us, you will be on your own!!!

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There will inevitably come a time when a property owner fires the real estate company managing the property breaching the contract and owing commissions. Should you sue? If you want to dramatically increase the chance of a FREC complaint, go right ahead!

Click here to see how to deal with getting terminated.

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THE FAIR HOUSING CORNER - “HOW A COMPLAINT IS INVESTIGATED”                   By Cathy L. Lucrezi, Attorney at Law

You just got hit with a Fair Housing Complaint on a Monday morning. You panic, gather up your thoughts, get the complete file together and call your attorney. What happens next? How is the complaint investigated?

Click here to see how a discrimination complaint is investigated.

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INDUSTRY LEADER OF THE MONTH - Cindy Fredlund –Camden Property Trust

Cindy Fredlund has been managing apartments for 26 years, beginning her career with Towne Management and now with Camden Property Trust for the last 5 years.  Over the years Cindy has worked with several fantastic companies, learning from supervisors and coworkers how to be a true professional in the multi-family housing industry. She is proud to call Camden her home, as it is a special company offering an incredible education program, challenge, job growth, satisfaction and multiple chances throughout the year to do community service. 

Cindy’s community service is admirable to say the least, and she volunteers whenever possible.  She has worked with Bay Area Apartment Association (BAAA) as a CAM instructor and speaker, Ronald McDonald House, Tampa Firefighters Museum, The Humane Society, The Children’s Home, neighborhood schools and Easter Seals, to name a few.

Early in her career, she was encouraged to become involved with BAAA.  Since her involvement she has been Florida Apartment Association (FAA) Volunteer of the year two times and Fair Housing Manager of the Year. Since getting involved with BAAA, she has become a Director and in December will end two years as President of BAAA.  Additionally Cindy is a delegate to NAA, and in August began as Secretary/Treasurer of FAA. Her recommendations? GET INVOLVED, be it attending a dinner meeting, board meeting or joining a committee.

Happily married for 12 years to Steve, a Captain with Tampa Fire Rescue, they have 3 adult girls, 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter! Cindy says, “It’s been a great career in a very interesting industry!”, and we are proud to have her involved.

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The Gas Grill Bomb

Whoops, You Did It This Time

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Eviction Service Companies

The Property Owner Fires You
Now What?

Fair Housing Corner

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Legal Holiday Alert

Don't forget to exclude these Legal Holidays when preparing your Three Day Notices in December 2006!

 22, 25, 26 - Christmas

* Note: Some of the above dates may not be Legal Holidays in your county, but we recommend excluding them anyway.


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