Residential Tenant Eviction Fees - Individual Homeowners/Investors

The average attorneys' fees for a residential eviction filing from the beginning until the Sheriff's Deputy removes the tenant are approximately $500 for conventional uncontested non-government subsidized evictions for non-payment of rent. 

We classify Individual Homeowners/Investors as persons who do not have their property managed by a licensed residential property manager. If the Individual/Homeowner has just hired a management company, they will be charged the Individual Homeowner/Investor rate.

Costs are additional and vary by county. Costs consist of the county filing fees, the costs of the sheriff or private process server to serve the summons and complaint and if necessary, the cost for the Sheriff's deputy to remove the tenant from the premises.

In the event the case is contested or the tenant files a counter claim, the attorney's fees and costs may increase.

The Law Offices of Heist, Weisse and Wolk strives to keep your costs to a bare minimum and no additional charges will be incurred by the client unless the client is advised and agrees to authorize further legal work. The vast majority of evictions are uncontested.

Occasionally a routine court appearance is required for which we charge an additional $150.00. Phone, office consultations and advice by email is always at no charge.

If our office has prepared the lease for the homeowner/investor, the eviction fees are reduced by $25.00. There is never a charge for postage or copies.

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